We are goodies to be proud of

Bujums is where real life flows. Where people go to buy real food for their dining table – home-made, natural, soulful. Where you can meet the owner, talk and explore. And there, in real places, something interesting always happens. When the owner gets a moment to spare, he records the brightest moments. So that it’s engaging to him and others alike.


BUJUMS – this is how people of Vidzeme call a solid thing, abundance or wealth. And this is what our goodies are – made from home-grown, natural products, with skill and inner strength.

BUJUMS has a soul. Nobleness, self-esteem, pride in being grown on this earth. All raw products are as good as you can imagine. Each hand involved in the process does its work with special care.

Goodies to be proud of – superb food with character. From the hands of proud owners to the stomach of a proud eater.

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We offer to produce high finest quality products from Your game


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Ādažu iela 29, Bukulti, Garkalnes novads, LV-1024
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